Supreme Zero Disposable Vape Review

Supreme Zero Disposable Vape Review

Supreme Zero is an ideal disposable vape for smokers who don’t want nicotine. It offers a great flavor and battery life. It is available in several flavors and has a sleek design.

It comes with a pre-filled pod that contains 7ml of e-liquid and provides more than 2000 puffs. It also has a powerful 950mAh built-in battery and is compact and pocket-friendly.

Ease of Use

Supreme disposable vapes offer a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to traditional vaporizers. They come pre-charged and pre-filled, so you can vape straight out of the box. They also come with a built-in high-capacity battery that can produce up to 2000 puffs. However, some users have experienced spitting or leaking from their disposable vapes.

Supreme ZERO is a newer e-cigarette that features a compact, pocket-friendly design and 950mAh battery. It can last up to 2000 puffs and is available in a variety of delicious flavors.

This vaporizer offers an all-in-one solution for those looking to give up nicotine. It comes with a pre-filled, 0% nicotine pod that is available in a wide range of flavors. The device is draw-activated, so you don’t have to press any buttons to use it. The disposable design makes it convenient to carry with you, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors on the go. Supreme disposable vapes are the perfect combination of style and convenience.


Supreme ZERO disposable vape devices offer great flavor and a long battery life. They come pre-filled with e-liquid that is free of nicotine, and they can produce up to 2000 puffs without the need for charging or refilling. The device also features a stylish design and is available in several delectable flavors.

One of the most popular flavors is strawberry watermelon, which combines the sweet taste of strawberries and refreshing flavor of watermelon. Another is red apple, which has a crisp and tangy flavor that’s perfect for vapers who prefer a strong fruity flavor.

For those who like menthol, there’s also pure mint. If you’re looking for a more tropical flavor, try pina colada or luscious grape.

Battery Life

Supreme Zero Disposable Vape is a convenient and hassle-free option for those who want to avoid nicotine. This device comes pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid that provides a satisfying amount of puffs. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to use on the go.

The device has a large 7 ml capacity and 950mAh battery capacity, enough to provide you with 2000 puffs. It features a sleek design and comfortable mouthpiece. It also has an automatic firing system that activates when you inhale.

Each device contains a full tank of 50mg/ml (5% salt nicotine) e-liquid, which is enough to last the average pack-a-day smoker for about a week. The device also has a light indicator that flashes when it needs to be recharged or when the e-liquid is low. If the light blinks repeatedly, it means that the device is out of e-liquid or it is time to replace the coil. It is also important to note that the device will not turn on if it is not in the right position.


Supreme Zero is a sleek and stylish device that is ideal for nicotine-free vapers. It is available in a range of flavors and features an automatic firing system that activates upon inhalation. The device is easy to use and requires no maintenance or charging. It also offers a high puff count and a long battery life.

The Supreme ZERO disposable has a 7ml pre-filled e-liquid tank and a 950mAh built-in battery. It can last up to 2000 puffs, and is a great choice for those who want a low-nicotine experience.

These devices are small and compact, making them convenient to carry in your pocket or bag. They also have a draw-activated firing system, which makes them easy to use. The batteries are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. They also come with a handy carrying case. You can get replacement pods from the website. The light on your device will blink when it’s time to replace the pod or recharge the battery.